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35th Symposium of Combustion in San Francsico, August, 4th, 2014, The Combustion Institute Members Meeting read more

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Welcome new editors of the Proceedings read more

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Stipendien der deutschen Sektion: Berichte zum 34. International Symposium on Combustion vom 29.07.-04.08.2012 in Warschau, Polen

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International Discussion Meeting - Combustion Diagnostics- Key to Understanding Fundamental Flame Processes

November 4 - 5, 2010, Lufthansa Training & Conference Center, Seeheim, Germany

Combustion Generated Fine Carbonaceous Particles

Proceedings of an International Workshop held in Villa Orlandi, Anacapri, May 13-16, 2007

The 33rd International Symposium on Combustion, August 1 - 6, 2010, Bejing, China

The Elsevier submission site will remain accessible for late submissions until midnight, PST, 10 January, 2010. No further submissions will be accepted after this deadline.

European Federation

As decided in Chania during ECM2007, there is now an internet address for the Federation which is:

IFRF opens its Report Archive

It is now possible to do an online search of the IFRF document archive, and to request PDF images of technical reports and data resulting from over 50 years of IFRF research. To search the archive, please go directly to

Documents archive search facility

A new online search facility for IRF reports is available at IFRF under Search Document Archive.

Stipendien der deutschen Sektion: Berichte zum European Combustion Meeting, Kreta 2007

Lesen Sie die Berichte.

Distinguished Paper Awards at the 31st Combustion Symposium

The following papers have been selected to receive the Distinguished Paper Award for the 31st Combustion Symposium.

Stipendien der deutschen Sektion: Berichte zum 31st International Symposium on Combustion, Heidelberg 2006

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31st International Symposium on Combustion

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1. British Flame 1-day meeting on COMBUSTION DIAGNOSTICS

On the 22nd of November the British Flame held a one day meeting in Rotherham entitled " COMBUSTION DIAGNOSTICS: The RouteMap to Increased Efficiency, Lower Emissions and Improved Product Quality"

For further details and some impressions click here.

Flammentag 2005

Hier finden Sie einige Impressionen.

Stipendien der deutschen Sektion: Berichte zum European Combustion Meeting 2005

Lesen Sie die Berichte von Jutta Pieringer und Helmut Kronemayer.

Stipendien der deutschen Sektion: Berichte zum 30th International Symposium on Combustion, Chicago 2004

Lesen Sie die Berichte.


The purpose of The Bernard Lewis Endowment Fund is to undertake or seed projects that will promote education and encourage research in combustion.

In addition to the Bernard Lewis Fellowship for young scientists to attend the biennial combustion symposia, there will be, starting with the 30th Symposium, an additional new program:

The Bernard Lewis Visiting Lecturer Fellowship.

Its aim is to financially assist the member sections of the Combustion Institute to invite renowned colleagues from outside their sections to deliver a series of lectures at their sectional meetings as well as organizations in their section. The Fellowship would typically consist of an honorarium and the travel expense to the section. The host section is expected to cover all the local expenses. Proposals by sections from Third World countries are particularly encouraged.

The proposal should consist of the following:

  • The lecturer, including his/her affiliation, position and a current CV.
  • A list of the most important publications and accomplishments within the last 3 years (restricted to 2 pages)
  • The lecturing period (minimum one week), location, the local host and the number and titles of the lectures.
  • A letter by the section chairperson which describes what the section hopes to accomplish in bringing in this lecturer.  It should also include a budget for the local expenses and a statement that these expenses will be covered by the host section.
  • An estimate for the round-trip travel expense to the section.
The section chairperson should send one (1) copy by June 1st 2004 to each of the following:

Bernard Lewis Fellowship
The Combustion Institute
Suite #635
5001 Baum Boulevard
Pittsburgh PA 15213-1851 USA   

Professor Norbert Peters
Institut fuer Technische Mechanik
Templergraben 64
RWTH Aachen
52056 Aachen, Germany

EuroFlam Marie Curie Training at Pisa Research Fellowship Available at ENEL Produzione Ricerca 

ENEL - Produzione - Ricerca, the research arm of ENEL - largest Italian electricity generator, a member of the EuroFlam Consortium whose other members include IFRF and Cardiff University, is offering access to their Research Infrastructure in Pisa for candidates, pursuing PhD studies for period of training through research. The access period can commence as soon as possible and will have a nominal duration of up to 12 months of Research Fellowship.


In this regard, we are advertising for applicants who will be interested to the following subjects:

Subject #1: Measurement of ultra-fine and nano particles emitted by gas-fired power units

Subject #2: Effect of process conditions on the devolatilization/formation of chlorinated organic compounds during pyrolysis of RDF and their model components

Subject #3: Modelling and/or experimental characterization of a Stirling engine/flameless combustor

Subject #4: Design and simulation of a Gas Turbine combustor operating with a steam or CO2 atmosphere

Subject #5: Influence of hydrogen-enriched combustion on pollutant emissions in the case of DLN Gas Turbine combustors

For further details see here.




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