Combustion Institute (German Section)

The German Section of the Combustion Institute

The German Section serves also members from other german-speaking countries, i.e., Austria and Switzerland. Applications for membership should be sent to the office of the German Section.

The main event organized by the German Section is the biannually-held "Deutscher Flammentag" together with the section Energietechnik of the Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI) and the Deutsche Vereinigung für Verbrennungsforschung (DVV). The next meeting will take place in 2021

At these meetings three prizes are handed out:

  • Wilhelm-Jost-Preis for an outstanding colleague working in the field of combustion (by-laws)
  • Rudolf-Günther-Preis for the lifework of a scientist in the field of combustion (by-laws)
  • Jürgen-Warnatz-Preis for outstanding young scientists in the field of numerical combustion (by-laws)

Together with other European sections joint meetings covering various aspects of the science of combustion are organized. All members and the general public are invited to participate in each of these technical meetings.

Upcoming Events

38th International Symposium on Combustion 24-29.01.2021

30. Deutscher Flammentag 28-29.09.2021

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